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Home> Online Stores> Tilpasset Web AS An online store is a website where visitors can see your service plans and purchase them. Such websites are automatically generated by Business Manager basing on store settings you choose and plans you associate with a store. The store settings cover different aspects of order placement (payment methods, invoicing, taxation, and so on), and you can change them on this page to meet your business needs. Additionally, you are able to let potential customers complete the first step of the subscription right from one of your web pages. To achieve this, create a website widget (a code snippet for integration) and add it into pages of your liking. Change Settings Go to Store Remove Payment Options Display prices Gross prices (MVA - Norway, 25% tax) Only collect credit card information (do not authorize or charge payments) No On-site Payment Gateway - Bank transfer plugin - Accept payments by check (manual payment) No Accept payments by invoice (manual payment) Yes Accept payments by wire transfer (manual payment) No Domain Registration/Transfer Allow customers to register domain names Yes Allow customers to transfer domain names Yes Allow customers to use existing domain names Yes Taxes Require VAT number for commercial companies Yes Verify VAT numbers No Appearance and Website Widgets Coupons Color theme change Header and footer edit header & footer Widget is a tool that helps you embed the online store into your web pages. After you insert a widget into a page, it either displays the list of plans or a whois form. To make the whois form or the plan list appear on an arbitrary page, add a widget code to the page. Add Website Widget Remove 1 items total Website Widget Name Landing Page Template Available operations Tilpasset Test column Preview Get Code Catalog widget PHP code | JavaScript code Domain widget PHP code | JavaScript code Copy the code below
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